UI Design for Mobiles

The "smart"ness of devices is a direct derivative of its functions, content and the multitude of uses it can be subjected to. Phones especially are now Cameras, PDAs, Gaming consoles, Browsing points, Navigation consoles, Social Networking devices, Music Juke boxes and more: all this rolled into one. However, the User Interface is the platform which integrates all these uses for the user in a neat package. UI was a lower order consideration element till not so long ago. However the UI today is increasingly becoming a differentiator in the Telecom space. Smart UIs take some smart thinking and have an element of intuitiveness built in to create the user "wow" effect.

Visual Graphics is capable of designing graphic user interfaces for the Internet, Extranets, Intranets and Mobiles. Our UI expertise includes the following

  • Conduct comprehensive interface and usability reviews of web-sites and web applications
  • Gather user requirements and perform user and task analysis
  • Design the appropriate user interface for applications and web-sites
  • Develop interface design guides to aid developers
  • Define and document product interface specifications
  • Test Design and products with users
  • Mentor and train staff on how to design usable user interfaces

Our clients approach us with a vision and we as Web designers, Programmers, Researchers and Creative Copywriters; bring out that vision in a functional form. We believe interactive CD-ROMs offer a highly accessible and versatile format to deliver presentations, promotions and training material in a memorable, interesting, informative and enjoyable style.


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